CTSE Capital Solutions
We offer innovative capital raising solutions for small- to medium-sized companies in SA. By digitising a significant part of the process we provide safe, simple and cost effective access to capital markets.

Our Solutions
SME Investment
Apply for a loan from Institutional Investors
Access a wide variety of institutional investors by registering your company's capital requirements on our platform.
Apply digitally and follow our FICA, risk assessment, and financial qualification selection process, designed to find the right capital raising option for your company. Gain access to registered investors who will review the opportunity and bid for the capital placement opportunity.
Digital Direct Listings
Register to raise debt or equity capital Including listing on the CTSE
A cost effective listing mechanism, designed for small- and medium-sized corporates to access the liquidity and rate benefits of listed markets.
Companies are able to follow the regulated listing application process for a debt or equity listing with our user-friendly digital process which facilitates on-boarding, FICA, regulatory, risk assessment and financial requirements
Fund Services
Loan and investment platform as a service
A full-service Investment platform focussed on growing origination and assets under management (AUM) while reducing cost.
The platform offers fund managers a front to back outsourced service from pre-trade origination; FICA, KYC, credit assessment; to trade management; loan agreement, cash management; to post trade; collections, covenant monitoring and portfolio reporting.
Benefits for
companies and investors.
We offer a cost effective assessment of
small to medium sized companies
and align their capital requirements
with the right pool of investors.
Benefits of our service include:
+ Attractive Rates By digitising and optimising the process. (below)
+ Going direct to investors Asset managers, Pension funds, Private Wealth.
+ Simple front to back assessment methodology Full risk and transactional management.
+ Structure for common capital requirements Growth, project, working and infrastructure capital.
+ Attract a liquid pool of investors Tradeable instruments primary and secondary.
+ Safe third-party outsourced transaction management Service agreement to manage operational processes.
Company Loans how it works
Digital access to a liquid pool of investors.
The Company requiring investment completes the registration, FICA, and financial information requirement for the capital application, has a risk assessment and is presented to the appropriate debt or equity investors. The investors are presented with the opportunity and if the capital request is attractive to them, the company will be presented with a loan or equity quotation. The company can accept the offer, sign a equity or loan agreement.
We manage all aspects of loan operations from pre-trade origination; FICA, KYC, credit assessment; to trade management; mandate approvals, loan agreement, cash management; to post trade; collections, covenant monitoring and portfolio reporting.
How our Digital Direct Listings work
Direct access to listed markets
Designed for mid-sized corporates
to list equity or debt
Following a digital listing process with CTSE Capital Solutions as the listing arranger. Designed to access the benefits of a listed investor base through a cost effective and transparent methodology. Follows a digital process of onboarding, FICA, company and financial information assessment, followed by all the documents and approvals required by the CTSE listing rules.
Standard methodology with
approved templates
There is a standard methodology, with approved templates, including domestic note programs and debenture issues. Issuers can set-up a program and get the help of service providers approved for our direct listing methodology.
Management of all
administration aspects
CTSE Capital Solutions acts as the listing arranger and manages the administration aspects of the listing rules required by the exchange, including pre-listing set-up, documentation and assessment, FICA, KYC, credit assessment; to book building with pre-registered investors, to listing execution, placement and post listing monitoring and reporting.
How our Fund Solutions Work
Grow Fund origination and AUM while reducing costs
An exclusive front to back investment management service for fund management companies designed to grow origination, and AUM while reducing costs. A bespoke product set-up and managed service for and alongside the Fund investment committee to achieve their mandate.

The product can be used for existing fund managers wanting to focus on risk management and outsource all origination and administration to a digital provider, or set-up a new fund aimed at mid-sized companies.

Fund and CTSE Capital Solutions work to agree the mandate, scope and objectives of the Fund, then the platform is calibrated to source investments through media and manage investments through the digital and client service capability.